3 Ft. Grinder - 1/2 American 1/2 Italian

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Product Name 3 Ft. Grinder - 1/2 American 1/2 Italian

Whether you call it a grinder, hero or sub - Our huge 3 Foot Sandwich is a home run! We start with a specially made 3-foot bread baked to order fresh from our own Bethy's Bakery. We load the American half with heaping helpings of Stew’s freshly sliced boiled ham, turkey breast, roast beef and American cheese. Our Italian half consists of Stew's freshly sliced boiled ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni and provolone cheese. Topped with farm fresh, crisp lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Upgrade to Boars Head cold cuts for $10 more. Mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar provided on the side.

Serves 15 People
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